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Welcome to the homepage of Estonian Chamber of Family Mediators, the professional family mediators home!


The family, as the basis for the survival and growth of the nation and society, is under the protection of the state. Parents have the right and duty to raise and take care of their children. We support the members of our Chamber so that they can help parents find a solution that takes into account the interests of the child to the dispute that arose regarding the life arrangements of their minor child, incl. to agree on the right to communicate with the child or on issues related to the maintenance of a minor child, and on terminating or changing the right of joint custody.


By creating and developing family mediation professional ethics rules and service quality standards and ensuring their compliance by members of the Chamber, to achieve the state-funded family mediation service as an important public service for the state, the professionalism of the family mediator who directly provides the mediation procedure, recognition in society and the recognition by clients, officials and judges.